Accessorizing your bouble bass

Wondering what you need to go along with your double bass? You have come to the right place. There are many different accessories that you can purchase for your instrument.  Some are necessary and others are just fun and handy. The first thing that a double bass player needs is a bow. The bow is used to create sound by sliding it along your strings. There are many different bows you can purchase, either in a French or German style. You can visit this page for additional information on purchasing a bass bow: The next thing you will need to purchase is some rosin. Rosin is applied to the hair of your bow so that it can get a better grip on your strings. Pop’s Bass Rosin is very popular brand and will suit most beginner to intermediate players well.

Now that you have the necessities, let us talk about some optional purchases you can make for your double bass. A tuner is always a good idea for musicians to own. A tuner will detect the sound of your bass as you play and tell you if you are playing the correct pitch. Another thing I would suggest is a metronome. A metronome will keep a steady beat for you at varying tempos. This is especially useful when you are practicing. Also, depending on your instrument, you may want to purchase a rock stop. A rock stop will keep your instrument from slipping on the floor while you play. Some double basses have a rubber tip attached to the bottom and therefore would not need a rock stop. Lastly, one of my personal, favorite accessories for the double bass is a bow quiver. A bow quiver is a container that you attach to your bass that holds your bow when you are not using it. This is a very handy tool if you find yourelf switching between bowing and pizzicato,  or plucking the strings.


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